Somashekhar N S (Soma)

Founder and CEO

Singapore and Asia Pacific

DigiEnable Pte Ltd

Innovative Special Education Solutions for
Inclusive classrooms & home schooling

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About Us

Key2enable is an Assistive Edtech startup that empowers neurodiverse children and children with motor, physical, learning and cognitive disabilities with innovative assistive technology, inclusive educational platforms and expert designed literacy programs, fostering communication, accelerating literacy with learning and empowering the community to be inclusive.

To better understand our products, I invite you to explore the following short videos:

Introducing key2Enable :

What is the Key-X :

Presenting Expressia :

Our solutions aim to break barriers and create opportunities for people of all abilities, ensuring they can reach their full potential.

Our Solutions

Key-X Multifunctional Keyboard:

1. Innovative hardware, a unique solution designed for children with disabilities.

2. Combines keyboard, mouse, and adaptive switches in one device.

3. Plug-and-play compatibility with various operating systems.

4. Supports inclusive education, fostering communication and learning.

Expressia Educational Platform:

1. Comprehensive online platform.

2. Customized learning content for children with different needs.

3. Multilingual support for diverse learners.

4. Progress tracking and analytics for educators and parents.

Literacy Program:

1. UNICEF-endorsed, evidence-based. Addresses the critical literacy challenge for children with disabilities.

2. Utilizes high-interest, multimedia content.

3. Monitored individual progress, empowering children as authors.

Why Us

1. Holistic Approach:

Integrates hardware (Key-X) and software (Expressia) for a complete solution. Addresses a wide range of disabilities, including physical, motor, and intellectual challenges. Enables effective communication, learning, and engagement.

2. Gamification for Learning:

Gamified approach enhances engagement. Encourages active participation and skill development. Makes learning enjoyable and effective for children with disabilities.

3. Inclusivity:

Designed to foster inclusive classrooms. Empowers educators, therapists, and parents. Facilitates a collaborative learning environment. Bridges the gap between children with and without disabilities.

4. Impact and Reach:

Targeting 150 million children globally. Transformative technology with a meaningful impact. Improves education and communication outcomes. Aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

5. Empowering Parents and Educators:

Provides resources and tools for parents to support their children's learning journey. Equips educators with innovative solutions to enhance their teaching methods. Creates a strong support network for children with disabilities.

6. Hardware Advantage:

Key-X keyboard offers unique features not found in standard devices. Specially designed for accessibility, durability, and ease of use. Enhances motor skills and communication abilities.

7. Continuous Innovation:

Committed to staying at the forefront of assistive technology. Constantly improving solutions based on user feedback. Exploring new ways to enhance learning and communication for children with disabilities.

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